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Human Resources

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Human Resources

Talent Strategy

  Establish a "people -oriented" talent strategy, competition in the final analysis is the 21st century, the competition for talent . People are our most valuable resource is our greatest asset , and the establishment of long-term human resources strategy is fundamental to ensure our continued development. "In the high-tech companies, asset management in the traditional sense has been reduced to a secondary position , the operation of the human capital is the most important corporate behavior and other capital elements of the same , the main goal is to expand human capital management added , the introduction of talent , but also the use of good talent , the talent as corporate assets can increase human capital . "

  1 , people-oriented , wide excellence

  2 , capable authority , power who dole

  3 , in order to be able to employ people : no seniority , capable, the mediocre , fair competition, survival of the fittest ;

  4 , in order to keep people things : the implementation of the target , project , knowledge management, so that specific things to people, let the facts to keep people ;

  5 , affection : the implementation of "limited Employee Option Plan" make a significant contribution to the employees , especially senior technical developers , managers, marketing personnel, allocation of shares in accordance with the principle of distribution according to work .

  6 , Zhirenshanren : working arrangements accordingly based on individual expertise, in close connection with personal goals and development of the company .