Comprehensive research, development and technical service institutions

CAS is mainly engaged in scientific research, testing and appraisal, supervision and consultation, design, special engineering construction five major businesses



  Yunnan Institute of Building Research/Yunnan Supervision and Inspection Station for Quality of Construction Works (hereinafter referred to as Building Research Institute) is a comprehensive scientific research institution for buildings integrating scientific research of buildings, consultation, design, construction supervision, detection, measurement, construction of special projects and product development and production and is a Yunnan high-tech enterprise as well as an innovative pioneer enterprise. Meanwhile, the Building Research Institute also obtains various certificates of detection, design, construction supervision, consultation, surveying and mapping, construction of special projects, judicial expertise for quality of architectural project, etc.

  The Building Research Institute was established in 1975. The Yunnan Supervision and Inspection Station for Quality of Construction Works was set up in 1986 under the approval of Provincial Department of Construction and Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau. Taking constructional projects as its main research target, the Building Research Institute mainly focuses on application research and development research and dedicates to solving key technical problems in construction projects of Yunnan Province; and it undertakes and drafts technical standards and norms for construction projects of Yunnan Province, carries out general, basic and public technical research necessary to the industry, undertakes quality supervision and quality control for construction projects of Yunnan Province, and makes all efforts to provide service for the development of constructional industry of Yunnan Province. Presently, its research covers 48 fields such as architectural structure, foundation, building construction, building materials and products, architectural physics, architectural decoration and finishing, construction safety, green buildings and building energy conservation.

  The Building Research Institute has 9 business departments: Building Structure Research Institute, Building Materials Research Institute, Building Engineering Design Research Institute, Building New Technology Research Institute, Structural Earthquake-resistant and Safety Appraisal Research Institute, Rock-soil and Underground Space Research Institute, Judicial Expertise Institute, Supervision Department and Special Project Department.

  The Building Research Institute pays attention to effective operation and recognition of related qualifications of the quality management system all the time and has obtained many qualifications related to the building field. For detection, the Building Research Institute owns the all-item detection certificate issued by Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural, and its detection range covers foundation engineering detection, major structure engineering field detection, building curtain wall engineering detection, steel structure engineering detection, building electric engineering detection, building settlement and deformation observation, intelligent building engineering detection, building water supply, drainage and heating engineering detection, civil buildings indoor air quality detection, road (municipal administration) engineering detection, hydraulic engineering detection and evidential sampling detection, moreover, it also owns the Comprehensive Class-B Certificate for Road Engineering issued

  by Provincial Department of Transportation; for constructional supervision, the Building Research Institute owns the Class-A Building Engineering Supervision Certificate issued by National Building Department and the Class-B Municipal Engineering Supervision Certificate issued by Provincial Housing & Urban-Rural Development; moreover, it owns the Engineering Design Class-B Certificate and Class-C Measurement Certificate issued by Provincial Housing & Urban-Rural Development and other related certificates such as Class-B Consultation (issued by Development and Reform Commission), Special Engineering Construction (Housing & Urban-Rural Development) and Building Engineering Judicial Expertise (Justice Department of Yunnan Province). In particular to the Building Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Certificate, the Building Research Institute has got the metering authentication certificate and the quality qualification recognition authorization and is the sole authority getting “double authorizations”from Quality and Technology supervision Bureau of Yunnan Province and Department of Construction of Yunnan Province as well as the strongest and biggest building engineering detection organization in Yunnan Province.

  At present, the Building Research Institute has 178 employees including one provincial technological innovation talent, three technological innovation talents of Yunnan Construction Engineering Group, three reserve talents and 135 key technical personnel; among the 178 employees, two are professors, 23 are senior technical talents, 40 are intermediate technical talents, and 8 are well-know technical experts in related fields. Among the 135 key technical personnel, more than 60 have certificates of national registered structural engineer, registered architect, registered consulting engineer, registered supervising engineer, registered cost engineer or registered constructor, etc. Up to the end of 2011, the Building Research Institute has solved over 3,000 building engineering technical problems for Yunnan Province and Southeast countries such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, completed over 135,000 deals related to detection, reinforcement, design, supervision contract and detection entrust, achieved over

  140 achievements in scientific research, drafting over 30 national and local standards, won over 80 national or provincial awards for scientific and technological advancement and published over 1,500 research papers on building research journals at all levels, therefore, it has make great contribution to pushing the construction standardization of Yunnan Province forward, enforcing scientific and technological progress in building industry and strengthening construction quality management.