Comprehensive research, development and technical service institutions

CAS is mainly engaged in scientific research, testing and appraisal, supervision and consultation, design, special engineering construction five major businesses

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

  1. Corporate mission: Shangke Research

  2. Corporate Vision: To build a well-known Academy of Construction Sciences

  3. Core values: love and devotion to work, cherish the post, be honest and trustworthy, and operate according to law

  4. Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation, pragmatism, gratitude and dedication

  5. Business philosophy: Brand is the market

  6. Management philosophy: career building system, shaping culture, educating people

  7. Talent concept: morality first, ability-oriented

  8. Service Concept: Beginning with Demand and Finally Satisfied

  9. Technical concept: technology supports development, innovation leads the future

  10. Quality concept: scientific, accurate, just and timely

  11. Safety concept: safety awareness is the cornerstone, safety responsibility is the guarantee

  12. The concept of clean government: open the front door and block the back door