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Leader’s Speech

Leader’s Speech


  The Yunnan Institute of Building Research is lucky to make the mutual development along with the sustained, rapid and healthy growth of Chinese economy, and depending on overall advantages of China, national support and market development, it has become one of global famous comprehensive building scientific research institutions.

  In face of the new era when the global building scientific research institution industry has been rapidly developed, the Yunnan Institute of Building Research is mature, firm, self-confident and full of energy. We will insist on “Scientific Development, Rapid Development, Harmonious Development”, continue to make efforts to improve strategic planning of the company, optimize the governance structure, strictly abide by the law of the country where the project is made, build the corporate image of honesty and trustworthiness, improve the utilization rate of resources, protect environment, push sustained development, insist on “Human Oriented” and safety production, carefully carry out the social responsibility of the company, try our best to achieve “Mutual Benefit and Double Win, Mutual Development” with counterparts at home and abroad, and promote the economic development and social progress of the country where the project is made.

  The Yunnan Institute of Building Research cannot be developed without care, supervision and guidance of friends from all sectors of the society. Here, I would like to express my highest respect and the most sincere gratitude to you!

  We hope to strengthen cooperation with friends in all circles and highlight the development of comprehensive building research institution industry at home and abroad. Under the care of governments and friends in all circles, we fully show our resource integration capability and comprehensive comparative advantages and accelerate to become a well-know producer.

  Let’s welcome the brighter future of the Yunnan Institute of Building Research with firmer confidence and higher enthusiasm.