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Human Resources

Team building

  Either way, any organization needs to model the core of leadership . The difference between leadership and the leadership is leadership can create a good working environment , and lead us to success. Marketing team leader at the core of the choice more demanding , because the core team work and team building leadership style will determine the direction . In addition, the management of the marketing team , a lot of cooperation and coordination is reflected management, rather than administration. So the marketing team leaders need good coordination management, business skills, team building awareness. In practice , there are a lot of outstanding performance, business manager , kept busy every day , the results may come up, but men do not know how to carry out the work , even as the major work completed sales report , so the team got no power play . When the leadership to mobilize , the team who is difficult to find a suitable replacement . There is another case, the regional manager busy with a variety of reports and meetings at headquarters every day , rarely involved in operational work , the work of subordinates is no good guidance and supervision , team building has not been implemented . ? Exactly how the core of the marketing team to team building it I think we can start from the following three aspects:

  1 , establish a core image and prestige

  Obviously, the company appointed head of the regional market is the core leadership team. Appointments are based on the historical performance of this man , but also can be understood as his business skills. With the performance and capabilities , the next step is to sublimate the performance and capabilities of prestige. Put your work experience to your hands , especially when those businesses novice. If your men treat you as a coach, he had no reason not to respect and accept your guidance. Customer complaints about sales clerk is often encountered , this could work do not get bit , or vexatious customers . Then you establish the credibility of a good time , to take on your hands can forgive mistakes and customer complaints . In practice, there are many people in the area responsible for receiving customer complaints , without thinking along customer complaints to blame their own hands. It is a mistake . Take on more responsibility at work , help you establish credibility .

  2 , create a good communication environment

  For the power of communication , is indisputable. There are views , there are contradictions , do not say it will grudges ; problems buck each , may be a bigger problem , these are lack of communication performance. I have always believed that solutions to problems certainly exist , if we have sufficient communication and cooperation. ? Why is there communication barriers do I think there are several aspects of the following reasons : A, the core of leadership bureaucratic, arbitrary things , think they are always right. This situation generally occurs in relatively strong business leadership core body. Specific performance is called on the leaders of the team members , if only five people in the team , led by members of what is called "manager ", " director " and the like . I'm sure this team is not communicating very smoothly, called " leadership" , "boss" , followed by the best known is another name . I have here a familiar example , "Legend" company manager Yang , in order to better communicate with the "Legend" of employees, require that each employee should not call him mister , unified call his name, " Yuanqing ." One can imagine how the "Legend" of communication will be smooth. Of course , I am not asking each team must do , according to your company's corporate culture and ways of working to decide this title. B, establish communication platform , there is a lot of general sales meetings , good communication can be carried out through this conference . I recommend not just looking at the sales meeting market problems , but also some more recognition and affirmation of sound. In addition, you can also appointed time every month to communicate individually. Listen to the ideas of team members. C, more group activities, many foreign companies doing well in this regard . On the one hand can enhance their sense of belonging , on the other hand can deepen mutual understanding . It is also an important part of the team culture.

  3 , only the best rational division of labor

  Popular in the marketing industry with such a sentence ; only good team , no outstanding individuals. And my understanding is : excellent team , each one is excellent . After 20 years of market economy , many industries have entered the era of relative consumer brands , that intensive marketing efforts mainly in the terminal market - often. In a large corporate headquarters aspects of marketing planning marketing executives working guidelines. This is also the marketing of "Marketing Heroes" era into the " system model" sign of the times . In this case , the daily work of the team is the regional market leader in sales tasks for planning , guidance and supervision. But to play the potential of every member of the team reflects the high degree of teamwork is not an easy thing. In general, the regional breakdown of operations , sub- category is the more popular two division mode . But it can not play individual characteristics , the best way is " Aspect division of labor" , that is, in the regional breakdown , on the basis of sub- categories , based on individual business expertise and cross-regional , cross-category collaboration . For example, on-site promotions, customer training , sales data finishing . This requires leadership team members understand the strengths , and coordinate the work of the team to take their order .