Comprehensive research, development and technical service institutions

CAS is mainly engaged in scientific research, testing and appraisal, supervision and consultation, design, special engineering construction five major businesses

Innovation Platform

Innovation Platform

Key laboratory


  Geotechnical engineering

  ·Foundation detection technology

  ·Deep foundation pit supporting and construction safety monitoring

  ·Underground construction safety monitoring

  ·Geophysical prospecting technology

  ·Foundation detection, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment under complicated geological condition

  ·Tunnel advance geology forecast

  Disaster prevention and reduction

  ·Geological disaster evaluation and treatment

  ·Building identification and reinforcement after fire

  ·Building wind resistance research

  ·Building seismic resistance research

  Structure engineering

  ·Structure detection technology

  ·Structure monitoring technology

  ·Large important building health and safety monitoring

  ·Structure seismic resistance

  ·Structure durability research

  Energy saving and emission reduction and green building

  ·Green building and building energy saving evaluation technology

  ·Building energy saving detection, evaluation and identification technology

  ·Air conditioning system energy saving detection, diagnosis and evaluation technology

  ·Existing building energy saving diagnosis and reconstruction technology

  ·Door and window energy saving performance identification and curtain wall heat engineering calculation

  ·Building energy efficiency evaluation

  ·Building energy consumption monitoring

  ·Energy saving building evaluation and consultation

  Building physics

  ·Building curtain wall and door and window physical property research

  ·Existing building curtain wall reliability research

  ·Building curtain wall wind resistance research

  ·High-rise and large-span building wind engineering research

  ·Building wind environment research

  Building equipment and intelligent building

  ·Building electrical quality detection technology

  ·Building ventilation and air conditioning test technology

  ·Construction equipment safety detection

  ·Intelligent building engineering test

  ·Building water supply and drainage and heating engineering quality detection

  Traffic and municipal engineering

  ·Road, bridge and tunnel detection and monitoring technology research

  ·Ground penetrating radar non-destructive detection technology research

  ·Bridge wind resistance and seismic resistance technology research

  ·Municipal operation informatization management technology

  Building material

  ·High-performance building material

  ·Chemical building material

  ·Energy saving and heat preservation building material

  ·Building material fire resistance research

  Building diagnosis and treatment

  ·Building detection and identification standardization

  ·Existing building material performance analysis and evaluation

  ·Identification and reinforcement of large complex structures such as bridges

  ·Historic building reinforcement technology

  Building design

  ·Building design

  ·Urban planning

  ·Landscape decorative design

  ·Municipal design