Third EPRI built second congress (expand) 2013 Annual Conference & Party branch work will be successfully held

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Spring in March, spring. March 14 , built three secondary congress EPRI (enlarged ) 2013 Annual Conference & Party branch work will be held as scheduled in the fourth floor conference room Lotus Hotel

  Discussion session , we plan for the future .

  Spring in March, spring. March 14 , built three secondary congress EPRI (enlarged ) 2013 Annual Conference & Party branch work will be held as scheduled in the fourth floor conference room Lotus Hotel . Our hospital 160 comrades gathered together to depict our hospital development blueprint , plan to jointly develop stronger .

  9:00 General Assembly, in the majestic national anthem opening victory . I Dean Li Xin as the General Assembly entitled " lay a solid foundation and strong research , focusing on the effectiveness of management , operations and strive to create a new situation in science and technology" administrative work report. Report provides a comprehensive summary of the work of our hospital in 2012 . The report notes that in 2012 , our hospital in order to thoroughly implement the party's 18 spirit and the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Ninth Provincial pointer , and resolutely implement the Group's requirements and work arrangements around the Group's development , enhance service awareness, research and Key Project operates a major breakthrough , continue to strengthen the basic management , supervision, design and construction of special three main business segments achieved significant progress , the successful completion of the objectives and tasks , the main economic indicators to new highs.

  In affirming the achievements , the report analyzes in depth the problems , a new customer is analyzed the current situation facing the development of our hospital , new tasks proposed seize opportunities , meet challenges endeavors to determine the guiding ideology of 2013 work are: overall in the party's 18 provinces and nine Congress spiritual guidance , around 2020 of building a moderately prosperous society grand goal , in close connection with the province " quadruple increase threefold , to promote cross , and ran off" strategic plan, firmly grasp the general goal of the province building a bridgehead for the Southwest open opportunities , unswervingly implement the Group, " the two transfer" , focus on " the basis of the Group , and Yunnan construction services Group , to create happiness for their employees ." to "strong scientific research, talent, achievements ," the hospital 's comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence as the central task , solid research base , expand markets, improve operational efficiency and strengthen production management , to accelerate the development of five sections focus on work , and gradually increase force to promote our hospital comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

  In order to ensure the successful completion of this year's tasks , report 2013 work thinking : We should further comprehensive grasp of qualified personnel, urged large research and production development ; further with strong management, efforts to focus on management , trying to increase efficiency ; further detection stronger , bigger and supervision, design and development of special projects ; want to go all out to promote further research work . Li Xin to call Dean said in 2013 to achieve leapfrog development arduous task of great responsibility and far-reaching , we have to unite and work together to seize the opportunity to ride on the momentum , to comprehensively improve the overall competitiveness of our hospital and brand influence, to promote our hospital comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development and work hard !

  EPRI Party branch secretary Deng Jian Gang made ​​"into the center of the human resources in order to enhance the soft power of our hospital and staff well-being and work ," the Party branch , spiritual work report. The report first reviews the basic conditions of work in 2012 : First -depth study of political theory , urged party members and cadres of emancipation ; Second, do the real work of party building virtual work , play fighting force for the development of our hospital and the vanguard and exemplary role ; Third pragmatic promote learning party building and improve the overall quality of cadres and personnel ; Fourth depth honest government , and create a positive environment breeze gas ; five working groups and make concerted efforts to promote the party and government , for the construction of corporate culture and improve Employee happiness contribute. At the same time the report also on the Party branch in 2013 , construction of spiritual civilization has made arrangements : first five elements of party building efforts , highlighting the characteristics of party building in our hospital ; Second, efforts to promote corporate culture , establish righteousness culture ; Third is "four building " as a guide to the" four tree " for the purpose of " four deep " as the starting point , efforts to promote mass spiritual civilization.

  The meeting received Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. leadership attaches great importance to the Group Chief Engineer Comrade Gan Yonghui come to the meeting and delivered an important speech , he affirmed the hospital made ​​gratifying achievements in 2012 , and the construction of the future work of EPRI eight proposed guidance : First, we must further emancipate the mind ; second is to focus on the Group , the Group good service , accelerate the development of the construction ASTRI ; third is to do testing, to increase the supervision and design efforts to develop new markets , and take technical service road ; four major research projects is to increase research and development for the group to contribute ; five is the need for greater investment in equipment upgrades ; six is ​​to increase the talent introduction , and strive to build a IT personnel ; seven is to strengthen the building of leading bodies ; eight is to strengthen the building of enterprise culture .

  The meeting also heard and considered the " Opening Hospital Affairs Report," reviewed and approved and signed the " 2013 EPRI built special collective wage contract" ; issued a "party commitment" and " dedication , I start Proposal . " The meeting also commended the 2012 annual art collective , Yunnan and Yunnan Star Construction Division Construction Division excellent staff , advanced by the recognition of collective representation and advanced personal representative of the exchange of experiences. Conference discussion stage , participants workers, party members on how to strengthen research, improve management capacity , and promote the comprehensive development of our hospital , speak their minds , made ​​a very good comments and suggestions. My advice to everyone House leadership were answered.

  Finally , built into EPRI president Li Xin made ​​a concluding speech . Premier Lee for 2012 fully affirmed the work of the 2013 MLA requests made ​​six aspects : first, to emancipate the mind , changing concepts . Second, we must strengthen management and ensure allocation of a bid . Third, we must also establish a scientific concept of operations . Fourth, we must accelerate the development of the plates together . Stronger testing, quality and efficiency . Supervision to do big scale . Design to streamline management , improve distribution, improve the ability to fight for qualification upgrading. Special engineering department to bigger influence in the province correction and reinforcement areas . Fifth, we should change the style to carry it out , advancing the implementation of capacity building . Sixth, we must strengthen the building of enterprise culture . Called promote righteousness , to promote dedication, build brand image .

  Conference call : The hospital cadres and workers to loyalty, dedication ; steadfast seriously , to become excellent ; enrich the stamina to keep learning ; promote healthy , positive energy transfer . The trickle ocean, big pieces of practical synthesis . Let us work together to boost confidence , going all out , momentum, to achieve leapfrog development in our hospital and work hard !

  17:40 , everyone singing "The Internationale ," the agenda of the meeting is completed , a successful conclusion.