Yunnan Academy of Building Research - the vanguard of green building development in our province

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2012 , EPRI is determined to build Yunnan Housing Department as " the first batch of Yunnan provincial energy efficiency evaluation mechanism ." Relative to several other energy efficiency assessment

  2012 , EPRI is determined to build Yunnan Housing Department as " the first batch of Yunnan provincial energy efficiency evaluation mechanism ." Relative to several other energy efficiency assessment of individual qualifications, energy efficiency evaluation range ASTRI covers a comprehensive energy efficiency evaluation, building envelope energy efficiency evaluation, heating and air conditioning system efficiency evaluation , renewables energy system efficiency evaluation and witness sample testing all items . Meanwhile, in order to promote green building evaluation Yunnan Province , Yunnan Province, to build EPRI Housing Department also identified as " a two -star green building rating Yunnan identification work of the technical support unit ," and actively assist the establishment of Yunnan Housing and Construction Office the " Office of the Yunnan green Building assessment identifies " ( referred to as " green Label Office" ) .

  EPRI has undertaken to build and carry out research work on five Yunnan green building . Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department were two issues " Building Energy assay conditions Yunnan platform " and " Yunnan remote monitoring system of building energy consumption data center platform building" , Kunming live URA 3 project " Building Energy Consumption in Kunming analysis and Optimization of building energy-saving measures "," Kunming building energy analysis and building energy efficiency measures in the preferred criteria "and" green Building Kunming guide to action . "

  Construction Research Institute of Yunnan Green took three local standards for building construction preparation tasks, has made important achievements in Yunnan Province, local standards for the preparation of green building. Are " Yunnan Green Building Evaluation Standard", " Yunnan Green Building Evaluation Standard Technical Details " and " Yunnan green building design standards ." Current " Yunnan Green Building Evaluation Standard" and " Yunnan Green Building Evaluation Standards and Technology Association ," the merger has been completed draft for approval by the provincial Department of Housing and Urban Construction experts validation will be promulgated shortly. Both research topics , marking the hospital play research strengths, to conserve resources, protect the environment and regulate Yunnan green building evaluation work has made important achievements.

  Relying on qualifications, Construction Division actively building energy efficiency evaluation province engineering work , and to assume the province declared technical advice and guidance to identify the project 's green building evaluation , report writing materials and technology assessment work. So far, the Swiss have been completed Lijiang · Bohua community renewable energy projects in energy efficiency evaluation , Kunming new airport terminal , parking building energy efficiency testing and Kunming renewable energy demonstration cities and many other energy efficiency evaluation of energy efficiency assessment tasks, and provide technical advice and assessments to identify star green building declared as " Metro construction Fairview Park" project , expected to be completed in the near future and the application materials submitted to the Office of Evaluation marked Yunnan green Building project assessment.

  Green building refers to the entire life cycle of the building, to maximize conservation of resources ( energy, land , water, materials ) , to protect the environment and reduce pollution , provide people with healthy , suitable and efficient use of space, in harmony with nature symbiotic buildings. The term comes from the world's first green building standards published by the British in 1990 , to the 1992 " United Nations Conference on Environment and Development ," was thought to promote sustainable development , green building has gradually become the development direction of modern architecture. In 2006 , the state unveiled a " green building rating standards ," a series of standards and policies and regulations, marking China 's green building entered a stage of development. The province is located in the southwest border , affected by economic and climate , green building pace is lagging behind the more developed regions . EPRI research institutions to build a provincial construction field , give full play to promote the development of Yunnan vanguard role in green building , green building development in our province to make its due contribution to promoting the province to local conditions truly green building , energy conservation and resources to provide safe and healthy , comfortable and good living space , as well as architectural harmony with the environment , sustainable development goals forward.