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Human resources outsourcing services defined

  Human resources outsourcing services defined

  Now For businesses, there is a very hassle free method of personnel management , personnel management is to part or all of the work outsourced to a service organization to accomplish called labor outsourcing . After outsourcing, so that managers can have more energy , into the fierce market competition.

  Outsourcing production line Introduction

  Because outsourcing has become an independent from the business process , and many have not the underlying data within the enterprise , this has led to a grim reality : how to outsource production as a separate process and will become part of the overall business process management this will be the management of the core production outsourcing.

  Due to changes in the market and so many reasons to accelerate , more and more manufacturing enterprises to adopt the mode of production in accordance with the order , according to inventory compared to more complex and unpredictable mode of production , coupled with outsourcing of production , together with the contractor making enterprises must the face of customer needs and try to meet customer demand . Customer ( not referring to the end-user ) tend to focus on the following aspects : price , quantity, quality, delivery and service , how to effectively manage the outsourcing of production to meet customer expectations is the key to explore , because outsourcing is not an end , but in order to better meet the customer to take effective measures and resource utilization .

  Enterprises according to their actual situation in the production process, the non-core , ancillary , seasonal and irregular production of outsourced production processes or production lines out by the company responsible for organizing the production staff planned and indicators. In this way, companies can focus on major energy, human and financial resources to engage in the core business , such as large or value-added services in order to maximize efficiency of business operations .

  Outsourcing production line business advantages :

  1 , reduce corporate investment in financial and human resources , increasing the rate of return on capital operation

  2 , focus on core business focus technology , business, and high value-added business

  3 , to reduce the risk of seasonal production Zhaoyongrenyuan burst of

  4 , reduce trouble caused by labor disputes

  5 ,of dysfunctional results , avoid bloated phenomenon caused

  6 , other

  Successful operation of the production line contract , is a new model of human resource dispatch and production realities , not only embodies the advantages of human resources in the labor dispatch , but also to make consistent pace and other aspects of business in all production processes, modern the results from the cost of production and business efficiency and other aspects fully into account.

  Edit this paragraph significance convenient address the following issues :

  1 , staff recruitment and Tiaodang

  2 , the transfer of social insurance and provident fund

  3 , various offices and policy complex, an awry , allowing the company to suffer economic losses and legal troubles

  4 , the rapid development of the enterprise , set up branches in the country, often beyond the reach of headquarters personnel manager.

  Services outsourcing company offers a range of professional and efficient outsourcing of personnel matters , for you to avoid risks, standardize and simplify procedures , reduce costs, add value for the enterprise , employee satisfaction , improve efficiency and core competitiveness of Personnel Management. [ 1 ]

  Edit this paragraph outsourcing affairs in general, some technical and transactional work, they often can be outsourced. As we all know , personnel management processes including job requirements analysis, job analysis , recruitment , selection , training, performance appraisal contents , employee opinion surveys, salaries and benefits , employee relations and other aspects , which is inside, job analysis , recruitment , training, most of the work of staff opinion survey , salary and other benefits can be outsourced recruitment company up to the lower demand, but also the most complex, this business can be outsourced ; statutory welfare state , such as pension insurance, unemployment insurance , medical insurance, housing fund transactional work can be outsourced. However, on the cultural construction companies, the relationship between coordination, motivate and retain key personnel and the like can not work it is difficult to outsource .

  Edit this paragraph benefits 1 . Management practices, improve labor safety. On the one hand , the company responsible for matters related to escrow officers , and provide consultation on labor issues, to help safeguard their legitimate rights and interests are not infringed . On the other hand , the company provides consulting for businesses related policies and gives reasonable suggestions , you can effectively avoid the risk of employment for the enterprise .

  2 low cost, improve enterprise efficiency. By outsourcing, companies can save a lot of office expenses, reduce hardware and software resources spending , eliminating corporate managers and personnel management processes related to a large number of mechanical repetitive work , so that managers can enable enterprises to effectively put into other value-added management activities the .

  3. comprehensive services, improve employee enthusiasm. The Company is hosting staff for all personnel agency procedures , eliminating the worries of employees to devote yourself to work on enhancing corporate responsibility , more work ethic.

  4 . Reduce employment risk. Compared with dispatch , the employer ( the Employer ) do not bear the joint responsibility.