The results show

◆ Xiaowan Hydropower Station, Dahlia high-speed, high-speed Wu Kun, Kunming International Airport prestressed works long water detection

◆ door to South Asia, Qujing City Hall one of five centers, the Kunming Railway Station, Salem Steel Works detection · Shun Cheng

◆ six stick-wire, wide Queensland Pipeline, Jade Mongolian railway, Ren Lai railway, the Great Barrier railway tunnel bridge engineering inspection

◆ Golden Eagle Shopping Plaza, Kunming Workers Cultural Palace, Century Plaza building walls to detect

◆ Long Water Kunming International Airport Terminal building electrical, building energy detection

◆ Kunming city building applications of renewable energy demonstration projects in energy efficiency evaluation

◆ slag production of industrial technical glass project feasibility study report

◆ Yuanyang white marble comprehensive development project feasibility study report