Department Introduction

  Institute of Technology is committed to building a new pre-stressed, steel, building physics, building energy efficiency testing, green building assessment, building energy assessment and evaluation of energy efficiency, environmental impact assessment of construction projects consulting, engineering consulting and technical innovation service work. I have several sets of advanced testing and research equipment, which, in the province took the lead independent research 10MN static load testing machine and 10MN anchorage performance rubber bearing testing machine, the establishment of a "building walls Yunnan assay platform", with Yunnan even within the southwest region's largest building walls, "four" of test equipment. In recent years, scientific and technological achievements INTECH outstanding research work undertaken a number of research topics Provincial Science and Technology Department, the editor and the editor of a number of construction projects in Yunnan Province local standards, access to a number of inventions and utility model patents license. In prestressed and steel, tunnels and bridges, building walls, building energy efficiency testing, engineering consulting in the field of green building and has a wealth of experience and leading-edge technology.