Department Introduction

  Yunnan Institute of Building Science detection and identification of special engineering department is specialized in industrial and civil construction, water conservancy, transportation , municipal , cultural and other fields of building ( structure) of the quality and safety of the earthquake , the reinforcement design , structural reinforcement, prestressing waterproof, technical exchanges such as the integration of technology services entities. Special Engineering Department has more than 200 professional and technical personnel and well-trained , highly qualified professional construction team composed of experienced skilled workers , with strong technical strength and strong construction forces . Civil construction services including buildings , industrial plants, commercial facilities , sports stadiums , communication facilities , transport bridges, subway tunnels , elevated municipal and cultural relics of numerous structural system Ganghunjiegou , masonry structure , steel structure, wood structure, etc. . With years of experience reinforcement construction technology , structural reinforcement to increase the cross-sectional areas ripe for the application , replacement of concrete , prestressing, bonded steel clad , paste fiber composite materials, solid filament winding , steel wire mesh with mortar, grout cracks , rust steel construction technology , cutting and drilling . Meanwhile about ground handling, foundation reinforcement , correction pan, bridge strengthening, seismic reinforcement , housing growth layer structure underpinning research and application of special technologies.