The results show

First, the construction planning class design projects

◆ Yunnan Bank Hotel renovation project (architectural design)

◆ Chuxiong Yuanmou Man Museum Building Design

◆ Man Lam Spring Creek planning and architectural design

Second, the class interior design projects

◆ Spring City Withub office interior design

◆ Dali, Yunnan Tobacco Logistics Park function room interior design

Third, landscape lighting design project class

◆ Xishuangbanna Mohan Economic Development Zone Tower Lighting Design

◆ Xishuangbanna Mohan Economic Development Planning and Landscape Lighting Lighting Design

Fourth, landscape design project class

◆ Fuyuan County Rural Credit Cooperatives roof garden landscape design

◆ Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone, fruit trees Jingu Jing Concept Design