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  Over the past decade , the institute has undertaken supervision has more than 200 projects , technically difficult part of the project , project complexity . Such as: Yuxi Cigarette Factory Guansuo dam project ; Kunming airport terminal expansion project ; Kunming Tobacco Science and Technology Building , Zhaotong Tobacco Factory, Yunnan Construction Engineering Building , Expo Garden Hotel , Century Plaza Kunming , Hervey Building , Lijiang tourism and cultural mall creative England district, Yunnan Institute of Finance Kang Park District , Cinema City waterfront residential district , East Lai residential district, Pan River residential District Court , Normal School construction project , century Fortune Plaza Peninsula , Serenade wide habitat garden project , Fumin Yang Li Sheng City district, Jingxiu Xiyuan district, Tianshui Chenggong University City Garden project and the ASEAN Trade Port project is supervision , the Court Longquan engineering, Jin Kun century , Fairview Park Metro construction project , phase Yuntianhua low-rent housing , Okimura resettlement housing and so on. Supervision of the project has been praised owners and relevant government departments , the quality and style of supervision of personnel highly regarded owners. " Yunnan Construction Supervision Bureau " has become one of various types of construction supervision both competent advice, but also undertake research design, project management, strong unit .