Department Introduction

Seismic and Safety Institute of Forensic Research , formerly known as the foundation structure , established in the late 1980s , later renamed the Institute of Design building structure detection in a room. 2012 officially changed its name to the Institute of Forensic structural seismic safety , is mainly responsible for the detection, identification , mapping, reinforcement , design and construction of forensic and other business areas . Twenty years, I assumed covering each city , Yunnan Province , Guizhou Province and other regions and countries of Laos , training a group of business skilled and theoretical knowledge level of professional and technical personnel. At present, I have full-time staff of 11 people, technicians 3 . 4 officially graduate employees , college six people, which includes senior engineer, engineers, registered geotechnical 1 , Assistant Engineer 7 , Forensic three people.

Business Scope

◆ construction field detection

◆ identification , mapping, reinforcement

◆ Design and Forensic

◆ bridge safety testing , static ( dynamic ) load test

◆ building structure and dynamic properties of the test and evaluation of seismic performance appraisal

Typical results

A detection , identification class

◆ Kunming Golden Symphonic settlement homes Jinlin Bi water , lightning , indoor environment testing

◆ Sakura Hotel Kunming primary , secondary building security identification

◆ Liupanshui City, One Bridge Lin Tea , Willow Bridge District No. 22, five bridges static load test

◆ Security Identification Tuodong Stadium in Kunming

◆ Stone ( Stone Forest ) Locks ( Suolong Temple ) high speed along the surrounding houses identified

◆ Kunming International Trade Center steel to detect new exhibition hall

Second, the design and construction of reinforced class

◆ Tai Li Gong A, B Building, part of the structural reinforcement

◆ Kunming Panlong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China Building Reinforcement Design and Construction

◆ Kunming Sakura Hotel annexe structural reinforcement design

◆ Bank of China branch Identification of Yuxi City , reinforcement

Third, forensic class

◆ mark Zhaotong City County construction company family wings forensic

◆ Zhaotong mark county vocational school teaching staff dormitory forensic

◆ Lijiang City Kerry and building renovation and expansion project three forensic

◆ Qujing quality of construction pit collapsed after Wenjin Court turned forensic

Department Introduction

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